microliths is my jazz septet album
recorded, mixed, + mastered by Josef Deas
at Big Sky, Ann Arbor, MI
May 2017

nominated Debut Album 2017 in NPR's Jazz Critics' Poll

The Past, a composition for film, accordion, and soprano sax/electronics.  A circular score guides us as we accompany a video, shot on 8 mm film and hand processed.  Samples of crackling are taken from different eras of human technology: a fire, broken and functioning record players, and granular synthesis.
May 2016

The Abject Second is a session led by Matt Kiroff
featuring microtonal Wurlitzers, percussion, trombone, and flute
summer 2015

seadish;es is a duo set with percussionist Evan Thaller-Null
recorded in New Lebanon, NY
September 2017

ParkJones is an electroacoustic toy/laptop/synth duo with Joo Won Park
recorded 2017, released by NoRemixes

Stephen Boegehold's Way of Dreams band
recorded 2016

solo improvised electronics set
performed on WCBN's Local Music Show
January 2017

Water, an electroacoustic piece
featuring the voice of Darryl Latimer, Deputy Director of the Detroit Water Department, speaking about Detroit's water shutoffs
also featuring a pitch set inspired by the Karnatic rain-associated raga Amritavarshini
June 2015