solo piece by Molly Jones, May 2015

length: 6-8 minutes

This solo piece combines samples in Live and granular synthesis in Max in a MIDI-controlled improvisation environment.  I based my choice of samples around the theme of water, inspired by water shortages in my home cities.  Irvine, California, is experiencing severe drought, while Detroit’s water utility has shut off running water to much of the city in an attempt to collect unpaid accounts.  The primary voice present in the piece is that of Darryl Latimer, Deputy Director of the Detroit Water Department, responding to questions about Detroit’s high water rates.  The bamboo flute improvisation is based on Amritavarshini, a South Indian raga that brings rain, and the American spiritual “Wade in the Water.”

Equipment List

I need:

PA (stereo), connectable to MacBook (via 1/8" audio jack is fine)

Audio interface compatible with MacBook (I only need 1 channel)

1 condenser mic w/ stand & cables

table large enough for laptop & audio interface


I will bring: laptop, MIDI foot controller, flute